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Basic, Intermediate, and Sophisticated Estate Planning.  This area of the firm's practice ranges from traditional estate planning techniques such as the preparation of wills and trusts to more complex wealth transfer techniques.

Domestic and International Asset Protection Planning.  The Law Offices of Steven A. Bloom, PLLC is fully committed to protecting the assets that its clients have worked so hard to accumulate.  The firm draws from its full menu of specialized techniques in order to customize a plan specific to each client's needs and goals.  

Income Tax Planning For High Net Worth Individuals.  Clients face decisions every day that carry important tax implications to their net-worth.  The Law Offices of Steven A. Bloom, PLLC helps clients assess the tax consequences of each financial decision in order to safeguard their long-term security. 

Wealth Preservation Consulting Services. As an additional resource for its clients, the Law Offices of Steven A. Bloom, PLLC also offers wealth preservation consulting services designed to complement its legal estate planning practice.  Please feel free to inquire about these services.