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Investment Advice & Management
We offer a range of relationship models, from hourly advice and project consulting to unlimited access and portfolio management.

Tax Strategies
Individuals in their 40s increasingly face decisions every day that carry important tax implications to their net-worth. From tax deferral strategies to more basic compensation and tax reduction strategies, we can help minimize your tax risk and exposure, as well as help identify ways to reduce your overall tax responsibilities. We do not take the place of your tax lawyer or CPA, but rather, can work with them toward achieving your goals.

Executive Compensation & Stock Option Planning
We set-up and/or review qualified and non-qualified plans. Additionally, we assist owners and corporate executives with their qualified and incentive stock option planning. Perhaps the least understood aspect of executive compensation is non-qualified retirement planning. Many are not aware non-qualified plans offer owners and top executives tax-favored savings opportunities without requiring matching funds for employees (as in a 401(k) strategy). Our extensive background in business law and our partnership with a nationally recognized expert in executive compensation make non-qualified planning a specialty area for the firm.

Estate & Trust
We work closely with your CPA to direct a comprehensive review of all wills, trusts and powers of attorney to assure professional stewardship of your lifetime of work. Our goals are the maximization of wealth transfer to your loved ones, proper facilitation of philanthropic giving and responsible fulfillment of any business succession or transition strategies.

Retirement Services & Planning
We help individuals both plan for retirement and, as retirement approaches, re-position their portfolios to produce income while maintaining their risk tolerance requirements and capital appreciation goals. We can also assist clients with analyzing appropriate beneficiary designations and related calculations to comply with the minimum distribution rules for qualified plans and IRAs at the IRS current age threshold of 70.5 years.

Risk Management & Insurance
Integrated properly, insurance can play an important role in an overall financial plan. But it must have a purpose - it must enable the achievement of a goal. When insurance is an appropriate vehicle, we can analyze and provide the best solution from a number of providers of health, life, business continuity, disability, personal liability and major asset insurance.

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